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Sync problems with Connections Cloud and Mac

Lars Samuelsson  June 27 2017 03:10:24 PM
The My Drive-functionality of Connections was released to the cloud last weekend. Immediatly I noticed that I could sync folders and folder structures FROM the cloud TO my computer, but not the other way around..

The solution was very simple once i found it.
I removed the account from the Connections Sync software, and readded the account again. Then everything started to work.

I would suggest that IBM introduces a "refresh features" button like they have on the windows plugin..


    Back on Debian

    Lars Samuelsson  June 25 2017 10:33:37 AM
    It feels like coming home.

    I've actually set up a Debian Stretch-installation and set up Notes and all that, just to be able to write this post.
    No, not really, but Debian was where i started out in my Linux adventures, and I haven't used it for years..

    I'm planning on using Linux more and more to see how it fares in comparison to the only usable Desktop OS on the market today (macOS). It is always nice to know if you have to save on hardware in the future, that there is still a usable alternative to run. :-)

    I might update this with more and more, for now I'm just happy that I actually got everything up and running.

    will 2017 be the year of the Linux desktop?
    Debian looks good.. :-)

      Up and running

      Lars Samuelsson  June 20 2017 02:52:55 AM
      Well, thanks to the lovely people att Prominic, I'm up and running with a blog again.

      Got this hosted through the IBM Champion offering that Prominic gives out where you get your own hosted Domino server, which is pretty nifty I must say.

      As usual, i will try to start blogging, and probably fail as usual. But it's here at least. :-)

        Solving errors with Apple Time Machine backups

        Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:26:54 PM
        So, for the last few weeks I saw that my computers had not been able to backup to my Apple Time Machines as they usually do.
        Starting to troubleshoot, I was more or less ready to throw the TimeCapsules out and give up when I found these tips.
        Use the command

        log show –predicate ‘subsystem == “”‘ –info | grep ‘upd: (‘ | cut -c 1-19,140-999
        sudo fs_usage backupd

        And you will get a running output on what is happening in your backup.
        I was then able to pinpoint a certain file that failed on every backup. I removed that file -Which was a template file for pages that i had created ages ago. And thus syncing to all my computers via iCloud – and presto, the backups went through again.
        Hope this can help someone out!

          A big thank you to the ICS Community

          Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:26:32 PM
          I’m most humbled by the news this week that I yet again got selected as an IBM champion for ICS.
          It means a lot to get recognized for all the time you put into this space!
          A big thanks to my friends in the Social Connections team, it’s probably the best “job” in the world. Traveling the world with your mates, sharing knowledge, helping people learn.. and drink beer while doing it.
          As we all know, ICS have had a rough couple of years to say the least. But I’d like to point out one thing, the world of IT is not static. Keep working hard evangelizing and good things might happen. 
          Here’s to a great 2017 and with hopes of seeing the members of this great community somewhere around the globe!

            Watson Workspace – Project Toscana comes out of its shell

            Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:24:35 PM
            So, as of today it is official. What was Project Toscana is now IBM Watson Workspace, a new chatclient in the space where everyone wants to be at the moment.
            If this sounds negative? It is not. It is merely stating a fact that Slack started something that all the big players in the market wanted to get in on.
            I have been on the alpha-ish release for a few months and I have sen the product progress. From what was essentially a good looking UI to a fully working persistent chat client to be used for small team collaboration.
            What do we know about it so far? We know its name, we have seen the first small steps of cognitive computing infused, with IBM Watson sorting out what it deems important moments in the conversation and highlights them to you. It works in English, not so well in Swedish (yet). I would think that Watson still would need some more personal knowledge of the users to give more accurate readings, but from time to time it really picks up gems.
            Image:Watson Workspace – Project Toscana comes out of its shell
            It would of course help if I could spell Chrome, but that is beside the point.
            I have been using the free version of Cisco Spark for a while for some of my conversations. Let’s just say that the transition over to Watson Workspace was easy, very easy. All the users felt at home directly and conversations took off just where we left them on the old platform.
            Image:Watson Workspace – Project Toscana comes out of its shell
            So, the cons? Yes, there are of course downsides to using a product that is not out of beta. There are features missing but they are beeing worked on, and I assume they will all be fixed ahead of GA.
            Pricing? We have not had any details on it yet. Or what the actual paid packaging will look like. This is still shrouded in mystery as of writing this. (Tuesday morning 8 AM, CEST)
            The product is still early, but with the speed the dev team has held over the last few months, I look forward to the new surprises and features continue to stream out.

            Mail server on bluemix?

            Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:23:26 PM
            I have been fiddling around with trying to get a mailserver going in Bluemix containers.
            I found the most excellent project at which is basically everything i need. A simple imap/smtp server inside docker that handles security very well.
            The only struggle I have been facing was that there was no proper way it seemed to use a smarthost to relay email via.
            What i had to do was basically this:
            Work with this extremely detailed guide
            I patched up qmail with this patch qmail-authentication-0.8.3, described in the guide. Installed it and set up my smtproutes file to send via sendgrid with the username and password i had picked up.
            And voilá.. we have a lightweight mailserver running in a container on bluemix. 😀

            Direct SIP registration and Sametime – It’s so easy!

            Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:15:01 PM
            So.. One of the super sweet new things in Sametime 9.0.1 client is of course the fact that you can hook your client up to your SIP trunk without a need for a billion servers in between. Just hook it up and call your mama.. Or you know, anyone.
            There are 3 small lines you need to add to the plugin_customization.ini to make this come true and those are as follows:


            After that, you will have a new entry called “SIP Phone” in your preferences, in there you can connect to your preferred SIP provider and call away.
            This works on both Windows and OSX.
            And yes, everyone with a chat entitlement in Connections Cloud are eligeble to use this function. Just download the latest client from Downloads and Setup – Chat.
            Happy calling