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    Back on Debian

    Lars Samuelsson  June 25 2017 10:33:37 AM
    It feels like coming home.

    I've actually set up a Debian Stretch-installation and set up Notes and all that, just to be able to write this post.
    No, not really, but Debian was where i started out in my Linux adventures, and I haven't used it for years..

    I'm planning on using Linux more and more to see how it fares in comparison to the only usable Desktop OS on the market today (macOS). It is always nice to know if you have to save on hardware in the future, that there is still a usable alternative to run. :-)

    I might update this with more and more, for now I'm just happy that I actually got everything up and running.

    will 2017 be the year of the Linux desktop?
    Debian looks good.. :-)