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Direct SIP registration and Sametime – It’s so easy!

Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:15:01 PM
So.. One of the super sweet new things in Sametime 9.0.1 client is of course the fact that you can hook your client up to your SIP trunk without a need for a billion servers in between. Just hook it up and call your mama.. Or you know, anyone.
There are 3 small lines you need to add to the plugin_customization.ini to make this come true and those are as follows:

After that, you will have a new entry called “SIP Phone” in your preferences, in there you can connect to your preferred SIP provider and call away.
This works on both Windows and OSX.
And yes, everyone with a chat entitlement in Connections Cloud are eligeble to use this function. Just download the latest client from Downloads and Setup – Chat.
Happy calling