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Mail server on bluemix?

Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:23:26 PM
I have been fiddling around with trying to get a mailserver going in Bluemix containers.
I found the most excellent project at which is basically everything i need. A simple imap/smtp server inside docker that handles security very well.
The only struggle I have been facing was that there was no proper way it seemed to use a smarthost to relay email via.
What i had to do was basically this:
Work with this extremely detailed guide
I patched up qmail with this patch qmail-authentication-0.8.3, described in the guide. Installed it and set up my smtproutes file to send via sendgrid with the username and password i had picked up.
And voilá.. we have a lightweight mailserver running in a container on bluemix. 😀
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