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    Solving errors with Apple Time Machine backups

    Lars Samuelsson  June 19 2017 03:26:54 PM
    So, for the last few weeks I saw that my computers had not been able to backup to my Apple Time Machines as they usually do.
    Starting to troubleshoot, I was more or less ready to throw the TimeCapsules out and give up when I found these tips.
    Use the command

    log show –predicate ‘subsystem == “”‘ –info | grep ‘upd: (‘ | cut -c 1-19,140-999
    sudo fs_usage backupd

    And you will get a running output on what is happening in your backup.
    I was then able to pinpoint a certain file that failed on every backup. I removed that file -Which was a template file for pages that i had created ages ago. And thus syncing to all my computers via iCloud – and presto, the backups went through again.
    Hope this can help someone out!